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Which is Better: SSD or HDD? – Quick Guide 2021

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Written by Techview

November 24, 2021

SSD have 2 type, one is SATA and the other is PCI-E

What is a SSD and How Does it Actually Work?

The Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device with no moving parts.

It stores data on flash memory chips and is powered by an electric current. Data is stored in blocks, where each block is read independently of the other ones. When writing data, the new data overwrites the old one in these blocks.

The SSD has two interfaces: SATA and PCI-E. The SATA interface corresponds to an older generation controller card which connects to the motherboard using a connector similar to most hard disk drives. The PCI-E interface corresponds to newer generation controllers that connect directly to the motherboard M.2 or NvME slot just like the RAM plug and play.

What is a SSD Pro & Con

Pro – Solid state drives offer a major advantage over hard disk drives. SSD has no moving parts, which means it can function faster and more reliably than an HDD. In addition, SSDs are much smaller and thinner than HDDs, it can be save your computer weight. They also require less power to operate and are resistant to vibrations that would damage an HDD.

Con – A SSD is a storage device that is more expensive than a hard disk drive. It can be sensitive to power outages and will lose data within one or two years if not in use, and we not recommend for long term usage for archival storage of important data.

The world's first SATA hard disk drive was released in Jan 2003
The world’s first SATA hard disk drive was released in Jan 2003

What is a HDD and How Does it Actually Work?

A HDD is a small, rectangular device that stores data in form of magnetic impulses. It’s also referred to as a hard disk drive because the data is stored on a metal disk that uses magnets to store information. There are two layers in a HDD: The magnetic storage layer and the read/write head. Magnetic storage layer comprises of one or more thin circular disks with ridges, called platters, which are coated with iron oxide particles. The read/write head is composed of two parts: A write head and a read head.

What is a HDD Pro & Con

PRO – HDDs are popular among many computer users because they are considered the most reliable storage media. They don’t degrade over time like other storage media like CDs and DVDs. The lifespan of this type of technology is much longer than its counterparts, which means that they are cheaper in the long run. One of the most important advantages of HDDs is that there is less risk associated with them losing data if they are not handled properly.

Con – Mechanical failures are possible. HDDs have slower read/write speed compare to SSD and they are sensitive to temperature, which can lead to data loss. HDDs take up more physical space than other storage options and weigh more as well.

What is the Best Hard Drive for Gaming?

It’s important to note that the speed of the hard drive will affect how quickly you can load an operation system or loading a game. For this reason we strongly recommend you getting SSD as your primary drive,

You want a hard drive that has enough space to store all of your games. You can add a secondary data drive for more storage if you need it.

In Conclusion

In order to get better performance, you need to make sure you have the latest generation of hardware not only HDD or SSD but with a good CPU and GPU setup as well. Check out our guide for The Complete Guide to Building a Gaming PC and Everything You Should Know


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